Book Bliss

I came home to a package the other day, this never happens. I ship packages almost daily from Mexico for my Erica Maree products but its a rarity that I actually receive a lovely via snail mail. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a book. An ENGLISH book (not many of those here in Mexico) all about Macrame titled Hot Knots where your one and only was featured for my use of macramae as a strap on two of our signature bohemian styled handbags the Bonita Lolita and the Jodi

macrame macrame1

So what is Macrame
Macrame is a fabric craft that uses a variety of knots to create functional and decorative items. It can be worked in many different kinds of thread, string and rope and is often used to make jewelry. Macrame is easy to learn, which makes it a satisfying craft for beginners, but advanced projects can be challenging for even the most experienced knotters.

The earliest examples of macrame date to the 13th century, when Arabian rug makers tied off their finished rugs with knotted fringe. The word macrame comes from this practice. It means fringe in Arabic. By the early 14th and 15th centuries, macrame had migrated to Italy and France. It was a popular way for sailors to pass the time while at sea for long periods, and supplemented their skills with mending nets, which use many of the same knots. Macrame work was popular in 19th century Britain, but fell into obscurity for decades. A revival of all crafts brought macrame back into popularity during the 1960s and early 1970s. It enjoyed another resurgence and rediscovery in the late 1990s, and continues to be a popular craft thanks to new materials and ideas.

Like many crafts, macrame began with a functional purpose. The earliest macrame was used to tie off the ends of threads in hand-woven rugs so that they wouldn’t fray. Macrame was also used to make and mend fishing nets, and the knots used in securing nets, sails and anchors were adapted by sailors to make jewelry and decorative items. Over the years, macrame has been used to make a variety of functional and decorative items including wall hangings, jewelry, curtains and lampshades. The same knots are also used in a popular children’s craft using vinyl “gimp” to make lanyards and bracelets.

Macrame uses several different types of knots to create patterns in the knotted fabric. Most macrame pieces are built up of just four basic knots.
The Lark’s head knot is often used to “mount” macrame threads for a project. It is one of the simplest and most used knots in macrame. To make it, you simply fold a strand of thread or yarn in half to form a loop, then bring the ends up and around another thread or post and pull them through the loop, pulling them to tighten the knot.
A square knot is formed with four strands of thread. The two outer threads cross under and over the inner threads, and create a “ladder” effect.
The half hitch knot is a standard sailor’s knot that ties two strands of thread together. In macrame, half hitches are used to create horizontal, diagonal and curved lines across a pattern. The lines are formed by tying half-hitch knots onto a single carrier strand that is carried back and forth across the worked piece.
The Basket Stitch also uses four strands of yarn or thread to create a flat row of knots. It’s formed by making half-hitches over two central strands, alternating the two outside working threads.

Mexican Boutiques

I love when things magically “happen”. People places and time all come together and opportunities present themselves at the oddest of moments. When your least expecting it. Yesterday I happen to be on my way out of the studio with a customer shipment heading to Texas *love me some Texas customers♥, I changed my route at the last minute and decided that I would ship at my local FedEx location prior to heading into Vallarta Centro to handle some other errands. I walk in and theres a bright and happy woman with an adorble golden blond toddler sitting to my right as I enter. After a few minutes she ask me if I’m Erica Maree (of course I am carrying handbag, wallet, pouch and other little Erica Maree products as I am preparing my export shipping documents.) It turns out she has owns a sweet little shop in Punta de Mita, MX, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, and has been eyeing my line for some time. We put together an order right on the spot and so our friendship/business relationship begins.

Check out her facebook page to see her super cool items

  • Avenida Redes Second floor of the Plaza of shops,a block up from the El Anclote beach
  • 63734 Punta De Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

Phone 01 322 160 9830 Email,

End of Summer

It’s September, the end of Summer has fast approached for some and for others, including dear old me, we live in the constant ray of sun! I’m reminded of the last days of summer as a child filled with that last camping trip. Trips to the lake and the river. Family bbq’s and street bike riding with my ten million cousins! Then really knowing it was almost over while shopping for school supplies. Fall was just around the corner. Those memories sparked an idea! I really want to create great mini lunch bags for all of those returning students. Something to help mom keep her little ones healthy, but you know what? Not just for little ones, why cant we all have a super fab lunch bag made of oilcloth to keep our yummies in?

Sense of Touch

Do you ever catch yourself running your hands over that uber soft ultra fiber blanket you pass by in the store aisle? Or let your fingers linger a little longer over the most delicate of laces? I know I do.  My hands just magnetize towards all things textured! The sense of touch can be so over whelmng

Almost every piece of my line embodies texture. Whether it’s a hand embroidered artwork or nylon macrame straps. I can’t resist and you wont be able to either!

macrame strap

Palm Trees Ocean Breeze Salty Air Sun Kissed Hair

Summer brings so much inspiration…I can taste it, smell it and feel it everywhere. I finally had some time to sit down at my work table and play with new fabrics, bold colors and patterns for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. This is what I love the most about this adventure I have been on.

As a business owner a lot of my time is wrapped up in keeping this all going. Planning for upcoming Pop-up stores/show’s, shopping for new supplies, shipping products out, working with new customers and the list does not end there. I love every minute it of it, but what I love most of all is watching my designs create themselves in my my mind then taking it to paper and constructing those final pieces into that “thing” I pictured. That is what tickles me and gives me goosebumps. Someone once asked me what I was passionate about. I couldn’t answer. I could only see it in my mind. The colors, textures and inspiration behind my everyday.

So with all of that being said, I have some exciting new lovely bags AND clothing in the makings.  Hint* leather. EEKKK!