About Erica MAree & Designs of Bohemian CLothing & Accessories

In 2009, Erica Maree burst onto the bohemian clothing accessories and clothing market with handmade items. Complete and full of texture and vibrant color. Quickly becoming must-have throughout the Bay of Banderas, which includes famed Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita and Sayulita.

How it all began

The Bohemian clothing and accessories founder and designer, Erica Black, fell in love with Mexico after moving from Portland, Oregon.  The creative seeds were planted in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Here is where Erica walked the mercados, town plazas and neighboring rural villages fascinated by indigenous textiles.  These timeless fabrics would become the canvas in which she turned the everyday into the sublime. Traditional Mexican embroidered dresses become exquisite one-of-a-kind hobo bags. Also adding the feel of the bohemian clothing and accessories A hand-crafted Otomi table runner transforms into a gorgeous clutch. Colorful oil cloth fabric, typically used as table cloth, is fastened into wallets, IPad cases and cross-body purses.  Erica Maree is a true testament to the rich Mexican culture – its traditions, its creativity and its resourcefulness.

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“One of the most astounding things about Mexico is how color permeates everywhere and everything” Erica Black enthusiastically explains, “It is difficult not to feel joy, not to feel in awe of the beauty of the country and not to feel supremely grateful for the end product and designs stemming from a collective and beautiful collaboration between a traditional artisan and myself.”
In keeping with her love of Mexico, Erica ensures that she has direct and mutually beneficial relationships with artisans in remote regions of the country, working closely with them to develop new embroidered textile products and designs.  Erica Maree fuses tradition with innovation, creating unique products for discerning clients.  For retail or wholesale orders, please visit Erica Maree’s website: www.ericamaree.com or email ericamareedesigns@gmail.com