Neighborly Affair: Why Everyone Should Be Celebrating Mexico on Cinco de Mayo

Besides the epic fiesta that happens every year, there are lots of reasons why no matter who you are or where you live, you should be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Even if it’s just with a cute Cinco de Mayo outfit like the off the shoulder Mexican embroidered dress you see below.


Off The Shoulder Mexican Embroidered Dress 


First, let’s clarify one very important thing: Mayo is not pronounced “mayo” like the “mayonnaise” you put on your sandwich. The ‘a’ is pronounced like you would pronounce it when calling out to your Ma after she’s spent some time in your kitchen, to ask where she decided to move the wine glasses this time.

“Mah-yo.” Comprende?

Another interesting fact about the popular holiday is that, contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is actually not Mexican Independence day or even a national holiday in Mexico. The fifth of May is the anniversary date of a very significant battle in Mexican history that took place in Puebla. Mexican forces were highly outnumbered by French troops, who were, as you can probably guess, not exactly being friendly. Nonetheless, Mexican troops beat all odds and managed to come out on top in the battle. To this day, it symbolizes pride and bravery for Mexicans all over the world.

On top of being a classic feel-good victory of the underdog story, 5 de Mayo is also the day when the entire world gets to celebrate the extraordinary country of Mexico. Believe it or not, it is very likely that you use or eat something of Mexican origin every single day without even realizing it.

Did you know that color T.V. was invented in Mexico? So was chocolate, birth control, popcorn and chewing gum. Plus, tons of food comes out of the country too. Including almost everyone’s favorite: avocados.

Fun fact: according to research done by the California Avocado Commission, up to 81 million pounds of avocados are consumed on May 5th every year!  Also, the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration actually takes place Los Angeles. Although of course, you can still find all kinds of festivities all over Mexico too, particularly in Puebla where you can even catch a battle reenactment if you’re lucky.

Mexico is not only home to some of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, but it’s also home to magnificent beaches, mouthwatering food, stunning textiles and artisan craftmenship, and so much more. So you see, there are lots of reasons to take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate Mexico for the extraordinary country that it is. Start planning your Cinco de Mayo outfit now!

Handcrafted Mexican Handbag 


Erica Maree is a bohemian fashion and accessories designer based in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We create handcrafted pieces with local and national materials like oilcloth and handwoven macramé belts and bracelets, coupled with traditional Mexican embroidery designs to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

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