Gifts to the World: 7 Things That Were Made in Mexico

When you think of things that were made in Mexico, the first things that come to mind are probably tequila, mariachi music, and enchiladas. Of course, all of these things are things that Mexico has gifted to the world, but what you probably don’t know is that Mexico is actually the origin of some of the things you probably use on a daily basis.

The chances that there aren’t at least a few things on the following list that your world wouldn’t be the same without are pretty slim. Check out some world favorites that originated in Mexico.

1. Chocolate

Uh, yeah. Chocolate. Could you live without chocolate? Didn’t think so, so that’s settled. No but in all seriousness, you may have thought it was the Belgians, or the Swiss…but chocolate was actually discovered in Mexico way back in the Mesopotamian period. Lots of pre-Hispanic cultures used cocoa in beverages and cooking before it was sweetened and exported to Europe.

2. Color T.V.

If you really think about it, without Mexico, there’d be no Netflix. Color T.V. was invented in 1940 by Guillermo González Camarena at the young age of 22. Gracias, Gui.

3. Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Mexican engineer Manuel González Flores invented something called control pilings. In case of an Earthquake, they adapt to the movement of the building instead of staying rigid, which made them a groundbreaking technology when it comes to the construction of earthquake resistant buildings.

4. Birth Control Pills

Yes, believe it or not birth control was made in Mexico. A Mexican chemistry graduate invented the first oral contraceptives in 1951. Luis Miramontes was able to figure out how to synthesize two ingredients that would later become the active ingredient in the first ever birth control pills. Crazy right?

5. Gum

So way back when, the Mayans figured out that they could extract sap that they called chicle from trees. Although they used it a bit more practically: to hold things together. However, it did eventually end up becoming the main ingredient in chewing gum.

6. Popcorn


Without the Aztecs, movie theatres would have never been the same. Not only because one of their descendants went on to invent color television, but because they also figured out how to pop kernels in clay pots. Maize, or corn, has always been a staple in Mexico, and popcorn was known as momochtli back in the day. Thanks to Mexico, the world gets to enjoy one of the greatest snack foods of all time.

7. Mexican Oilcloth

Mexican Oilcloth fabric is a close-woven fabric that is coated in oil or wax to make it waterproof. Most commonly used as table cloth, it is also the perfect material to make water resistant handbags or pool bags out of. Check out our handmade oilcloth bags here.

So there you have it, 7 things that were made in Mexico that are consumed and used around the world on a daily basis. This country is full of awesome surprises! Which items on this list couldn’t you live without? Let us know!

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