Boho Inspo: The Inspiration Behind Some of Erica’s Most Popular Bohemian Handbags

As all you Erica Maree lovers must have noticed already, all our bohemian handbags have women’s names. It could almost make you think that they’re named after real women. Well…that’s cause they are!

You’ve all heard the phase “It takes a village…”

The truth is, it really does. A crucial piece of the whole Erica Maree operation is the inspiration received on a daily basis from a whole lot of badass women. So naturally, our bags are named after a few of them.

Meet the beauties behind the names of some of our most favorite handmade bohemian handbags:

Nothing short of a huge statement bag with a dash of sass! So of course, this bag was named after Erica’s one and only Fernanda.

Fernanda is much, much more than just Erica’s personal assistant. She is a friend and naturally, her business partner in crime! There is little these two can’t accomplish together.

A beautiful young woman with a heart of gold, Fernanda knows exactly who she is. Which is exactly the spirit that Erica wanted behind her fringe bag: a woman who turns heads and takes names!

Daniela Beach Bag – Playa Grande Oilcloth Bag

Erica’s sista’ from another mistah! One of her dearest gal pals, Daniela – or “Dani” to the ones who know her best.

Erica and Dani go way back. Erica felt inspired by Dani because her soul resonates with a beautiful boldness that is hard to miss, just like the Playa Grande carry-along beach bag!

Bright prints are one of Erica’s favorite things to work with. Especially when it comes to mixing them all up! Our classic Erica Maree beach bag encompasses a few of Erica’s most favorite things: oilcloth, the beach, and Dani!        

The Nancita Leather Collection

Erica loves the way that leather moves and feels. She was inspired to create leather handbags with clean and classic lines, and a splash of wild – just like Nancy!

The newest Nancita collection leather handbag is the Xoco Otomi: a sleek, colorful handbag fuzed with delicate Mexican embroidery and folds, finshed with some fun bohemian fringes.

And there you have it, the inspiration behind the magic of some of Erica Maree’s most popular bohemian handbags. Here at the Erica Maree studio, which doubles as a bohemian fashion and accessory shop in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, we believe in the value of supporting artisans whose handicrafts have been passed down for generations. Each one of our pieces is created by hand with heart and soul, and provides fair labor wages for artisans in order to keep the magic of traditional Mexican hand embroidery alive.

As always, thanks for shopping handmade!