All for Papi: Our Picks for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day falling on June 10 th in Mexico and June 16 th in the USA and Canada, it’s time to treat daddy, right?, with a little appreciation for all that he does. At Erica Maree, our Father’s Day gifts are as unique and as unconventional as today’s families, so whatever role your special guy plays within your family dynamic, we’ve got you covered with some awesome Mexican hand-crafted gifts in Puerto Vallarta.

The Coco Joe Bow Tie Black
Add a little boho to his black-tie look or just a pop of style to his everyday. As one-of-a-kind as he is, these hand-sewn, hand-embroidered bow ties come in three colorways and are all completely unique. And, of course, each Coco Joe Bow Tie comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to tie because….you know…. guys.


Machete Screen Printed Unsex Tee
Any of our super soft, screened t-shirts would be a perfect made-in-Mexico fashion gift, but we’re especially grooving on our Machete print because it’s totally masculine – but unisex – because he’s modern like that.


Beaded Black Snapback Hat Huichol Art
Our Official Snapback modern flat bill hat features over 3000 handmade “shakira” beads which are handsewn onto a leather base patch, creating a wicked three-dimension effect, using traditional techniques of the local Huichol indigenous tribe. Added bonus? He’s not going to get mad when you borrow it, looking all cute.

Erica Maree salutes all the dads out there – traditional dads, LGBTQ dads, walking the dog at 2am dads, surrogate dads and non-biological dads – that are stepping up and making a difference. We love you all, and honor you this Father’s Day in Mexico and abroad.

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