Chase Your Rainbow

There is just something about rainbows 🌈  Magical, elusive and inspiring, rainbows remind us to chase our dreams, hopes and adventures with determination and joy.  Figuratively-speaking, chasing rainbows color our experiences, painting our lives in vibrant hues of love and kindness. 
Here at Erica Maree, we keep circling back to the idea of chasing rainbows.  Perhaps because of these uncertain times.  Perhaps because it is a good reminder to always seek out and discover.  Chasing rainbows is always worthwhile.  Here at our home base in Puerto Vallarta, we are getting ready for the rainy season, along with the muggy mess that we dread, there will also be rainbows.  
canvas tote
Our new Erica Maree line reflects that idea. The idea that we may never reach the rainbows, but we are going to have an amazingly good time chasing them! You are going to adore our Chasing Rainbows line. Seriously, they are that cute.  Hats, Bags, Tees brazenly embroidered with lots of love and rainbows.  Stay safe and keep on chasing your rainbow, amigos!
pride hat