Christmas Charcuterie Board, Yes PLEASE

Happy Holidays everyone! 

December is the time of year you get to eat all of your favorite sweets before those New Years’ resolutions kick in, and after the crazy year this has been, I think we’ve all earned it. So grab your favorite mugs and get ready for a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board that puts the Merry in Merry Christmas!

To start, you need to find a flat tray to display all your favorite hot cocoa toppings. Wooden trays are traditional for charcuterie boards, a nice wooden cutting board can work great. If you don’t have either of those, you can always take a metal cookie sheet and secure some festive wrapping paper to the top to place your toppings on.

Next, you want to pick what toppings to display on your charcuterie tray. Think of what might taste good melted into your drink.

  • Chocolates in their wrapper can add a splash of color, or take them out of the wrapper for a dark contrast to other colorful treats.
  • Caramels and peanut butter kisses can make a great addition to both your drink and your plate. 
  • Candy canes and mini marshmallows are must-haves for any hot chocolate tray. 
  • Don’t be afraid to add your favorite Christmas candies. Even if they don’t go with hot chocolate, they are still fun to snack on.

You’re going to need a good cookie pairing. Not only do they taste great dipped in hot cocoa, but you can use them to fill in the gaps on your tray. Plus, their shapes and colors make it easy if you want to give your board a theme. Just about any cookie will work, but gingerbread men are a Christmas tradition and can give your plate some extra holiday vibes. 

gingerbread man

Now you need to put your tray together. 

  • Start by adding your bigger items to the tray. 
  • The cocoa mix will be the first thing everyone needs, so put it  in a bowl or jar to make a convenient center piece for your board. 
  • If you have a lot of little toppings, you can put some of them in small jars or bowls as well, to take up space. 
  • Once your bigger items are set, you can fill in the gaps with your smaller accompaniments. 

Last but not least, keep a kettle of hot water or a pot of warm milk on the stove for your guests to start with. If this is an adult party, consider having your favorite liqueur close by, and of course, don’t forget the whip cream!

That’s it, your Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is ready to party! We hope this brings a little more magic to your holiday parties and we wish you a happy and safe New Year. Feliz Navidad!