Dia De Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta

On November 1st the colorful and vibrant traditions of Dia De Los Muertos take over the more spooky aspects of Halloween. Papel picados flutter between buildings and grandiose altars are arranged with a loved one’s belongings and decorated with marigolds, the flower that traditionally guides the dead back to the living world. Vibrant La Catrina sculptures grin at passers-by on every street corner, and colorful sugar skulls can be found everywhere. As the day goes on, the sweet smell of fresh pan de muertos will waft from the local bakeries, enticing you to try apiece. 

Entertainment can be found everywhere during this three-day-long festival. Street performers put on shows, charro’s ride their horses in parades along with marching bands, and live music can be found throughout the city. Artists stand in front of large canvases, creating murals depicting different aspects of the holiday. And finally, at night, the cemeteries are filled with the sound of laughter and the glow of candlelight as families stop by to pay their respects. 


This year Dia De Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta may look a little different. While the city may be decorated, the people will be home celebrating with their families, but that doesn’t mean this holiday will be any less fun. Bring your family together and have your own celebration at home! Play traditional music, make sugar skulls, put together an altar and have everyone give an offering, wear traditional dresses, and paint your face like La Catrina. Most importantly, tell stories and share memories of those you have lost, laugh, cry, and heal as a family. Check out how Brush Babes in Puerto Vallarta entertains for the special occasion. 

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The Day of the Dead is meant to celebrate the life of those we have lost, but it also serves as a reminder of how precious our own lives are. Time is short, so take advantage of every moment.