Five Hot Quarantine Hacks for Summer 2020

It may be summer, but it’s hard not to feel a bit cooped up this year. While many countries around the world are lifting lockdown restrictions, many of the summer activities we used to enjoy are off the table for now. If you normally spend your summers at festivals, concerts, or even barbeques with family and friends, you might feel like skipping summer 2020. Here are five ways to enjoy a home-based summer!

  1. Go green - Find yourself a natural space to relax. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be green. Nature has a way of reducing stress and improving mental health. Exercise, garden, or meditate - whatever you do, spend at least half an hour outside every day.
  2. Take a virtual tour - You may not be able to fly to Paris this year, but you can pay a visit to Monet’s Water Lilies at the famous Musee de Orsay. Here are a list of twelve museums around the world that offer virtual tours!
  3. Hit the annual festival circuit - It’s the Summer of Live, baby! If you’re missing your favorite folk fest this year, don’t give up -  Google it! Chances are, there’s an online version that’s being live streamed. Hot tip - break out your boho best from Erica Maree. No pajamas allowed!
  4. Keep fit - Your gym may still be closed, but that’s no reason to give up on your fitness goals! There are lots of virtual fitness classes available through apps or streaming services. Get in touch with a local gym and see if some of their trainers are giving online classes. Your body deserves it and so does your mental health!
  5. Color it up - fill your life with color, no matter what you do. Try a new DIY project, like a splashy pony bead suncatcher. Make these fresh fruit rainbow pops for a hot weather treat. Shop online at and discover our new Chasing Rainbows line. You can add rainbow touches to your whole house with our blanket throws. 

Above all, don’t forget: we’ll be back together again soon. Be kind to yourself and reach out to people you love. We’re in this together!

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