Flower Power: Finding Your Floral Goddess

Flowers hold an important place in Mexican culture and tradition, a common theme in Mexican folk art and something that we love to feature in our handcrafted Mexican fashion and accessories at Erica Maree.

The ancient Aztecs honored the goddess Xochiquetzal annually with feasts surrounded by garlands of flowers. With her name stemming from a compound of the Aztec words for “flower” and “precious feather”, Xochiquetzal was the goddess of female power, beauty and fertility – protecting young mothers and holding them safe through pregnancy and childbirth. She was also the patron deity of weavers and embroiderers; one reason why floral patterns still feature prominently in artisanal embroidery in Mexico today. Xochiquetzal’s Mayan cultural counterpart was Goddess I, who presided over eroticism, human procreation and marriage for the Maya, whom also was lavished with offerings of flowers by her people.

Three of the most iconic flowers in Mexican culture you will see in traditional Mexican craftwork include Marigolds, Dahlias and Poinsettias, all which date back to Aztec and Mayan culture. But you don’t need to be a deity to be adorned in in the power and sensuality of flowers, because Erica Maree takes this ancient Mexican tradition and pairs it with looks you’ll love. Here are 3 favorite picks for bringing a little flower power into your life:

Mexican Embroidered Dress Dhelia Navy
Flowing, easy and with a sexy open back to free your inner goddess.

Mexican Embroidered Pillow Cover
Need to spice up your love life? Try these handcrafted throw pillows in honor of Goddess I and see if she rewards you with some erotic favors.

Michele Clutch in Eggplant
Even a goddess needs something stylish for her essentials. This roomy handcrafted clutch is perfect for everywhere you go, day to night.

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