Four Quick Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

We all might be spending a lot more time at home lately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get away. Whether you have a tiny patio attached to your condo or a big, grand backyard, your outdoor living space should be a place to escape. And, by the way, you don’t have to break the bank to create your own personal haven! The smallest changes can change your whole outdoor outlook.Take a look at some of these ideas for a mini-makeover of your patio or yard. Make it a goal to adopt even one or two!

  1. Sustain is the name of the game - We all want a better world, so why not start your very own garden? Not only that, nature is nurturing, and studies show that time in nature reduces stress, anger and anxiety. Every outdoor space can include some kind of plant, whether it’s a beautiful fruit tree in a large garden or a vertical herb garden on one wall.
  2. Light it up - Every outdoor setting needs good lighting, especially if you like to entertain in the evening. The great outdoors is the perfect place to invest in solar micro fairy lights, or some warm and romantic battery LED candles. Tiki torches are a fun and smart option if you want some insect repellent included when you set the mood.
  3. Create a nature show - Frilly flowers, bird baths, vines and trees: any and all of these elements will entice bees, butterflies and birds to your natural sanctum. There’s nothing quite like sipping a morning coffee while hummingbirds and butterflies stop in for breakfast.

Comfort is key - You don’t have to buy expensive furniture or install a swimming pool to be comfortable in your space (although you sure can!). Adding in something as simple as a brightly colored hammock across your deck can make outdoor living such a pleasure. Throw on a few pillows with hand-embroidered covers from to finish that stylish space. Finish off the look with our comfy and essential Coachella Blanket Throw. Now you’re ready for a good summer read in the great outdoors!