Gypsy Halloween 2020: Let’s Go!

Hey gypsy girl! Social distancing is never easy, but it can really drag you down when you start planning some of the traditional holidays. It can feel downright uncomfortable to think about crowds gathering in every neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Hands all dipping into the same candy bowl? Community Halloween parties where hundreds of people gather? Even if you look back fondly on the memories of last year’s bash, it doesn’t sound like a very good way to flatten the curve.

boho halloween

But don’t despair, you can still enjoy a night of spooky fun with your family or friends. We’ve got some great ideas to celebrate a terror-ific Halloween while keeping everyone safe! Follow our top three favorite tips to an unforgettable monster ball!

  1. Neighborhood Spook Fest - if you’ve got some outdoor space, and weather permits, set up a big screen and project a kid-friendly Halloween movie or an awesome virtual show for the littlest monsters. You can drop a picnic blanket every two meters, and give out individual baskets of treats! 
  2. If you are locked right down, reach out to family and friends and ask them to join you on Zoom. Hold a virtual pumpkin carving party in full Halloween makeup! Don’t forget the Monster Mash soundtrack!
  3. Trick-or-Treat Drive-by - Organize a socially distant trick-or-treat night among your friends and neighbors. Drive around to each other’s homes and wave from afar. Leave the candy out where the costumed kiddos can easily reach it (while you supervise so they leave some for the next trick-or-treater!).

Above all, don’t lose that spine-tingling spirit of Halloween fun. Go big with your outdoor decor! Hit up Erica Maree for some great Day of the Dead themed decorations for your party, whether it’s outside or a virtual fiesta!

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