Mask Up!

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there regarding the use of mask-wearing. In the earlier days of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were all advised against wearing masks unless we were a patient of the carer of the patient. Not only that, medical professionals were concerned about the possibility of a medical mask shortage for healthcare workers.

Mi Mexico Facemask

However, since those early days we’ve been advised (and even, in some parts of the world, mandated) to wear a cloth face covering when outside of our homes. This is because studies have found that masks, even simple cloth ones, can reduce transmission of the virus significantly. With all of us beginning to re-enter public places in order to revitalize our economy, risk reduction is going to be a pretty essential activity!

kids face mask

There are some tips issued by the World Health Organization that help maximize the effectiveness of mask wearing. If we’ve got to wear masks, we should make sure we are doing it right! For example:

  • Try not to handle the mask by the cloth square. Instead, lift the mask by the elastic ear straps.
  • Wash the mask frequently with soap and water. If you have a clothes dryer, make sure you run it through. The heat of the dryer kills harmful microorganisms!
  • Adjust the mask so that it doesn’t leave large gaps on the sides. Make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. Leaving your nose exposed kind of defeats the purpose! 
  • Wear a mask whenever you are within a meter of another person.
  • Make sure your mask isn’t difficult to breathe through. We all need to get out and get some exercise, so easy breathing is key!

We may need wear face coverings in order to keep everyone safe and healthy, but we can still have a little fun! With Erica Maree, you get three layers of protection in one beautiful, hand-embroidered mask. Not only are our masks easy on the eyes, a percentage of mask sales goes to the Vallarta Food Bank. Now that makes mask wearing even more worthwhile!


All Erica Maree products are handmade by our incredible collective or artisans and we are dedicated to supporting living wages, fair trade and sustainable practice in everything we do, to keep the magic of traditional Mexican embroidery alive.

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