One Step Further

We have big news! We are excited to announce that our stateside shipping warehouse is officially open and stocked up of all our goodies. This has been something we have been wanting to do for such a long time, it’s hard to believe it is real and we thought you should know! So what does this mean you ask? Lightning speed shipping times babes! 2-3 days and you will have your hot little items in hand and on your beautiful bodies!

90% of our awesome customers are buying from the United States. Up until now we have been shipping our little lovelies from our Puerto Vallarta Mexico studios. Shipping times have always taken way too long to arrive to our customers. After traveling through Mexico, packages then have to go through a long process with customs on both the Mexico side and the US side.  We know how important it is to provide quality customer service for our one of kind Mexican embroidered pieces and that is why we are officially shipping stateside!

Now, let’s introduce you to Phillicia Stewart.

Phillicia, or Phill as we call her, is in charge of shipping and handling from our Portland Oregon warehouse. Her pretty little fingers select, package and address your envelopes. She is also my baby sister who I love more than chocolate cake and red balloons! I am so full of gratitude towards her for helping me make this little dream come true. Thank you Sis, for coming along this journey with me!!!