Sayulita Friends: Our Friendly Neighborhood Pájaro

Here at Erica Maree we believe in the value and the beauty of handmade items from small businesses. We love unique products that bring functionality, excitement and fun to people’s lives! We love to partner with small local businesses! By working together with other small business owners, we are able to create a strong supportive community within our local towns and cities.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite friends in Sayulita, Mexico: Pájaro T-Shirts.

Paul Bentz founded his small local business in the gorgeous little surf town of Sayulita, Nayarit. The company has been printing their t-shirts by hand for over 11 years, making each shirt uniquely handmade with lots of love in a little cantina studio minutes away from the surf.

Pajaro t-shirt prints originate from an original pieces of art, that are later hand-printed onto the highest quality t-shirts. Each shirt is designed to reflect the feeling of life on the beach, and the soul of the surf. There is something so light and whimsical about life on the beach, and we feel that these shirts and prints capture that completely.

These one of a kind and completely handmade t-shirts embody the spirit of wanderlust within each and everyone of us, and are completely unisex! So next time you’re here in Puerto Vallarta or Sayulita, stop by the Erica Maree studio or at the Pajaro studio to get your very own Pajaro t-shirt.


 Here at the Erica Maree studio, which doubles as a bohemian fashion and accessory shop in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, we believe in the value of supporting artisans whose handicrafts have been passed down for generations, and small local businesses within our community. Each one of our pieces is created by hand with heart and soul, and provides fair labor wages for artisans in order to keep the magic of traditional Mexican hand embroidery alive.

As always, thanks for shopping handmade!