Planes Cars and Babies…OH My!

Recently our team set off in search of new materials in remote regions of Mexico. The traditional Chanel embroidery Erica Maree in-compasses in her designs has really exploded in the last 5 years on an international level. Bringing a new feel and technique to the bohemian chic trends we have been seeing from brands like Free People to Old Navy!

We boarded a plane with our first leg of the trip being Mexico City. From here we needed to rent a car and slip out of one of the largest cities in the world and made our way east to the Mole capital of Mexico….Puebla. Puebla is known not only for the mouth watering Mole (which we had for all three meals one day)  but also for its fabric industry. Some of the worlds best textiles come from this area and we found some amazing new things to introduce into the Erica Maree collection. Hint: cuddly gauze cotton.

The following morning and day 2 of our whirlwind trip we set off even further east in search of new embroidery and eye catching textiles. Some of the most amazing embroidery was found by simply saying hello or popping our heads into work studios that happened to have their doors open….you can even find babies to hold!!

Stay tuned for new designs and products coming soon…