Protecting Your Hair This Summer

It’s one of those conundrums of summer – wanting perfect beachy hair, but without saltwater, sun, wind and chemicals putting stresses on your tresses. Summer good times can take a not-so-fun toil on your hair, causing breakage, unwanted color changes, brittle texture and other damage that nobody wants for their crowning glory. But here at Erica Maree, we’re all about the beach life, baby, so we have
some easy summer hair care tips to protect your locks this summer, with minimal effort for maximum results.

Lock in the Moisture: conditioning treatments are the best way to combat the dryness and frizz that result from salt, sun and wind damage. We’re loving this overnight hair mask that we whip up at home using local organic Mexican products from Puerto Vallarta: take a few teaspoons of coconut oil (depending on your hair length) and add some natural yogurt, the contents of two capsules of Vitamin E and stir until it reaches a creamy constancy. Apply evenly and massage into your head for 4 to 5 minutes, before covering with a shower cap and going to bed. Rinse off to gorgeous, shiny mermaid hair the next morning.

Master your shampoo technique. We get it… that gritty, post-beach day hair MUST get shampooed, but keep the shampoo localized to your scalp to protect the moisture of the rest of your hair, which just needs good rinse, followed by conditioner.

Up your SPF game. There are lots of leave-on conditioning products that contain SPF to protect both your hair and your scalp from the sun. For a more organic, stylish approach, cover up with a hat, like one of our super cute snapback baseball hats from Erica Maree, locally made in Puerto Vallarta, or an always
classic scarf.

Go natural, girl. Summer is the time to set your natural hair free. Avoid harsh chemical or color treatments, give that blow-dryer and flat-iron a break, and let your hair feel itself for a while. Embracing your natural beauty is what its all about.

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