Three Tips to Hit Your Fall Groove

Whether your family is home and learning online or working their way back into on campus classes, routine matters now more than ever. Trust us, it’s science! Research shows that brain power gets a boost when you repeat tasks in the same order over and over. Once a task becomes a habit, you can stop devoting as much mental energy towards it and start focusing all that extra cerebral muscle on the good stuff, like algebra (is that a groan?)!

Better yet, routines help families stick to a schedule. This means there’s less wasted time arguing over who is supposed to do the dishes and take out the trash. It also means there’s more time spent together finding the weirdest pumpkin spice mashup (pumpkin spice Oreos, anyone?). Here are a few easy ways to get into a routine that will keep things low stress.

  1. Let everyone have their say - make sure there are choices for all family members, especially in families with older children and teenagers. If they set up their own evening routine, they are more likely to get to bed at a decent time.
  2. Get real - don’t set up your schedule for failure. Children of all ages (and many adults) need extra time to complete tasks and also need time to get into a new habit. Allow lots of time for tooth-brushing and bathing, especially at first.
  3. Talk it through - you may have to walk your kids through the steps, especially if they’re young. Expect that they won’t get it all right the first time, but stick with it!

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