Time for a new school year already?

Each September has a definite vibe to it, even if you aren’t going back to school. We all seem to get into the spirit! It’s that buzz of seeing old friends and making new ones. Returning to the familiar, but always with a certain "uncharted waters" feel to it. 

But the thing is, 2020 has been a year made entirely of uncharted waters. This whole time, we've been adapting and forging new paths for ourselves and each other. We've been learning, in the School of Life, that within the sea of unknown there is also boundless potential.

That is one way this September is just like all the September before it: the unmistakable feeling of potential, and anticipation. If there is one thing we all know now, it’s that anything can happen. 2020 has taught us that anything can be. 

There is potential in the coming days and months. 

No matter if we’re e-learning or in-person learning, there is a spark of possibility in this moment in time. When we couple that spark with anticipation, genuine excitement for the possibility of what is, we can confidently travel those new paths for ourselves. Even if the times we’re living in look nothing like they did last year. 

It’s not the mode of learning that matters; it’s that essence of curiosity about life. The spark of creativity and imagination. Brightness, hope, curiosity, color. The potential for a life with more texture, more feel.

This philosophy of creative potential is always with us at Erica Maree! As we move into another year of academic potential, get inspired for work and protect your precious tablet all at once, with a bright and colorful pouch

What better way to look forward to learning, than with a backpack that you can't wait to wear? Carry all your books and supplies in style, and water resistant oilcloth protects your stuff from the occasional oopsie.


Don’t forget about the littles in your life! It may not be time for school just yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the fun. Learning and growing is for everyone! See Erica's kids collection!

Little boys outfit

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