Wanderlust & City Dust: Outside of Your Comfort Zone is Where The Magic Really Happens

You are only confined within the walls you build for yourself.”


There comes a time when – no matter how much you love what do you, where you live, or who you are – you’ll need to take a step outside of life or a moment. Running a business, raising children, nurturing relationships and maintaining friendships, all while remaining actively inspired and passionate about what you do – is at times nothing short of impossible.

The truth is, with perfectionism on the rise, and the self-proclaimed job (and Instagram bio) titles of Entrepreneur, Influencer, Travel Blogger, etc., feeling a lack of inspiration or getting stuck searching for your next big dose of creativity can be a dangerous dilemma. In a day and age where social media is one of the most powerful ways to keep brands in the forefront of people’s minds, and where people are constantly searching for that next “big thing”, staying up to date with an active mind and imagination is just about as important for business as accounting is.

There is a very common misperceptions that people have about writers’ block, creativity dry-spells, or the feeling of being tracked in the mundane. More often tha not, the thinking about these moments is that they are inevitable, and unavoidable. It’s very easy to excuse these moments of unproductivity and lack of ingenuity as something that “will pass”, or that “happens to the best of us”. In reality, it just means we need to take a leap and step outside of our comfort zone.

Taking responsibility for your own life by giving yourself the opportunity to explore outside of your comfort zone and rediscover what it means to be alive, is truly one of the most valuable investments you can make not only in life, but in business too.

A “comfort zone” has been defined by Lifehacker as a “behavioral space where activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimize stress or risk”. However, it can be argued that the longer you stay in this behavioral space, the higher your chances of experiencing angst, or other forms of stress due to the lack of movement and personal / professional growth in your life.

Here are a few reasons why taking the leap and doing something that truly scares you, or is completely and utterly different from your everyday reality can be one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself:

  • Putting yourself into a challenging situation, can give you the opportunity to explore whole new potential you never knew you had. Operating under these circumstances can force you to perform to your fullest capacity.
  • Taking risks helps you grow. Some of the harder situations we’ve ever been in some of the most powerful character building opportunities. Plus, taking a risk and reaping the benefits of the payoff is without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world.
  • Trying new things can create the perfect headspace to live your creative truth, and to spark brand new ideas you may have never had otherwise.

Although there is definitely more than one way to go about shaking yourself up by removing the safety of routine, it is safe to say that travel is at the top of that list. Go see a new world, smell new smells, see new sights, taste new deliciousness, and do all of the things that remind you of what the true meaning of being alive is. You too, can step out of your comfort zone and find the inspiration any minute of any day.

Here at the Erica Maree studio, which doubles as a bohemian fashion and accessory shop in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, we believe in the value of supporting artisans whose handicrafts made in Mexico for generations. Erica Black, founder and designer, also believes in the value of travel and adventure, and will forever have wanderlust within her soul. All of the images featured in this blog are from her recent adventure to Europe and Morrocco, where she marveled in food, sights, sounds and of course, textiles!


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