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Are You Ready to Fiesta San Antonio?!

In 1891, a parade was organized in San Antonio, Texas in honor of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. The flower-laden parade ended with the female participants pelting each other with the blossoms, thereby inaugurating the Battle of the Flowers. It also became the inspiration behind a yearly Fiesta which […]

Costa Carayes

Costa Careyes Mexico

Costa Careyes is a sustainable, eco-friendly community hidden in the coves and jungles of Mexican’s Pacfic Coast, about halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.  Careyes is the creation of Italian financier Gian Franco Brignone, who first set eyes on and fell in love with what was a rugged, wild, almost inaccessible stretch of paradise in […]

dia del amor

Celebrating Dia del Amor in Mexico

Valentine’s Day may be a European creation, but it has been embraced in Mexico, a country known worldwide for its friendly and affectionate citizens. In Mexico, this heart-shaped holiday is called El Dia de Amor and Amistad, or The Day of Love and Friendship. Love has had divine connections in Mexico since the days of […]

vacation in mexico

Vacationing with Kids

If you travel with kids, you’ll know it’s a little, um, different than traveling solo or with a few friends your own age. For example, you may have been a spontaneous traveller pre-child, booking off work when the charter companies published last minute seat sales. That can be very difficult to do when you have […]

Flower Power: Finding Your Floral Goddess

Flowers hold an important place in Mexican culture and tradition, a common theme in Mexican folk art and something that we love to feature in our handcrafted Mexican fashion and accessories at Erica Maree. The ancient Aztecs honored the goddess Xochiquetzal annually with feasts surrounded by garlands of flowers. With her name stemming from a […]