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trade show and travels

Trades Shows Travels and Treasures

Hi L♥vlies! Can I just say how excited I am about 2018! It’s like, pee my pants excited ladies. I just know that success, happiness, love and gratitude will be lining the path for the year to come. Let’s Recap: We ended last year with a very inspiring and moving trip to India where I […]

One Step Further

We have big news! We are excited to announce that our stateside shipping warehouse is officially open and stocked up of all our goodies. This has been something we have been wanting to do for such a long time, it’s hard to believe it is real and we thought you should know! So what does […]

6 Degrees of Seperation

Last month our team attended Enart, a bi annual wholesalers event in Tlaquepaque Mexico. Its an opportunity to show our products to new stores from around the globe. It is also a week of long hours, silliness with my girls,  making new friends and meeting amazing people. And with the said the story goes like […]

A New Year Resolution

A New Year Resolution I have a cousin who always uses the above phrase and I really try to live by that. I do not want to make a long list of must do self improvements, I just want to SPARKLE ON!

And the Gates Opened for Her

My heart ripped apart earlier this year when someone very special to me passed on from life to death. Suzi is an enormous part of my journey that I have been on with the creation and branding of Erica Maree designs. One of the first seamstress to join the team she is deeply missed. She […]