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Embroidered MexiKan Koozies (Set of 2)


SKU: 2032
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Embroidered MexiKan Koozies Set of 2

Embroidered MexiKan Koozies; Delicate Mexican hand embroidery adorns your beverages while a thermal nylon fabric makes sure you get to enjoy each drink the way it should be: cold.

These guys are perfect for the beach, camping, days at the pool, or at a backyard BBQ. Trust us, you won’t want to go another day through Spring and Summer without your embroidered koozie. We can also do custom koozies for special events like destination weddings, get in touch with us to learn more!



  • Hand embroidered and hand stitched
  • Different colors available
  • Each order includes 2 pieces



  • Measures 4′ Tall


SKU No. 2032

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