Oilcloth Placemats Mexican Print Set of 2


Oilcloth Placemats Mexican Print Set of 2

This listing is for a Set of 2
A fun printed oilcloth placemat set using durable oilcloth for easy to clean spills. A great gift-giving option this holiday season or any time of the year. Includes a coaster and a silverware matching pouch!


  • Handmade
  • Double Sided
  • Finished Edges


17" x 14"


    We value our community and the people who contribute to its magic! All Erica Maree products are handmade by our incredible collective of artisans in our modest Puerto Vallarta Mexico studios and we are dedicated to supporting living wages, fair trade, and sustainable practice in everything we do, to keep the magic of traditional embroidery and textiles alive.

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