Papel Picado BIG Fiesta Flags


Fiesta Party Decorations

Easy to assemble Party Flags. Mexican Papel Picado banner. 7 BIG separate panels of alternating colors and patterns. Each Papel Picado is a piece of art full of Mexican culture elements and vibrant colors. These are handmade in Puebla Mexico with our artesian partners.

Ideal for All Mexican Festivals; 1st Birthdays or any Cumpleaños, Dia de Muertos, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras, and New Years Eve! Don't forget to add these to your Coco themed parties or Mexican destination weddings! 


12.5ft long with extra string for hanging


When you purchase from Erica Maree you are supporting a collective of artisans, seamstresses, their families and communities in Mexico. Erica ensures that she has direct and mutually beneficial relationships with artisans in remote regions of the country, working closely with them to develop new embroidered textile products and designs.  Erica Maree fuses tradition with innovation, creating unique products for discerning clients.

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