Tandem Operation: The Faces Behind Erica Maree

It takes both sides to build a bridge” – Fredrik Noel

Meet the magic makers behind our one-of-a-kind traditional Mexican embroidery fashion and accessories:

Erica Black

Owner and founder of Erica Maree designs, Erica’s vision began when she moved to Mexico from Portland, Oregon. The bursting colors and fascinating indigenous textiles she encountered while walking through mercados, plazas and rural villages planted the creative seeds that later blossomed into unique bohemian fashion and accessories in 2009. Erica took her love for traditional Mexican embroidery, and merged it with her take on trendy accessories to create the Erica Maree line that is now being sold internationally in 9 countries worldwide.

Fernanda Napoles:

Fer is the right-hand-woman to the entire Erica Maree operation. An amazing graphic designer, organization guru and multitasking extraordinaire, she maintains a blissful flow at the studio and always has a smile on her face as she does it! Fer makes the little drawings in the notebooks, and is the face behind the brand art.

Phillicia Mae:

Phillicia Mae heads up the US shipping warehouse in Portland, Oregon. She bags, tags and ships all of your treasures! She has a quirky personality and very contagious laughter! When she is not packing orders, she is lovin’ on her daughter and creating her own dance party in her car while driving.


Juan is a horror movie fanatic who found himself in the world of handmade. He has also been blessed with the gift of multitasking. He organizes shipping, and dabbles in photography as well. Our studio wouldn’t be the same without him.

Sarah Rose:

Sarah is a new addition to the Erica Maree team, she takes care of digital communications and marketing. When she isn’t spending her time geeking out in the digital world, you can find her running barefoot with her pups, or trying (and failing) to reach whatever is on the top shelf.


Angeles is a talented and passionate seamstress who makes the impossible, possible. Years of sewing experience give her the capacity to do the impossible, and help out with all the new designs. She’s the one who always says “it can be done”.


Alejandra is an Erica Maree magic maker. When the final pieces of embroidered material arrive at the studio, she is the one who organizes and cuts the patterns. Her perfect cuts make for beautiful bags.


Tere is also an Erica Maree magic maker. She’s the newest addition to the team and has a long history of sewing. She loves everything about embroidery and design, and is an amazing contributor to the beauty that comes out of the studio on a daily basis.

Very few successful endeavors are accomplished without a badass team to back you up.  Here at Erica Maree bohemian fashion and accessory shop in Puerto Vallarta, we believe in the power of teamwork.

The people you read about above are not the only members of our team, we have extraordinary women all over the country who share their astounding traditional Mexican embroidery talents with us, so that we can share them with the world.