6 Degrees of Separation

Last month our team attended Enart, a bi annual wholesalers event in Tlaquepaque Mexico. Its an opportunity to show our products to new stores from around the globe. It is also a week of long hours, silliness with my girls,  making new friends and meeting amazing people.

And with the said the story goes like this:

I was making my way from our hotel Villa de los Suenos to the venue when I noticed a woman walking alone in the same direction. I remember taking a mental note about her presence. She was one of those people with a natural resting face smile. She seemed warm and friendly. I didn’t say hello or greet her in anyway I just “noticed” her. The next couple of days went by and we were headed back to the hotel when around the corner pops this woman. Alone once again and with that killer smile! I greeted her this time and found out that she was visiting the area specifically for the Enart show. I was on my way to dinner with a friend who was also attending the show so we invited her to join us. Here name is Stacy and we found out that she was staying at our hotel. After a drink and some casual convo we found out she owned a shop in Seattle called New Traditions and she was at Enart looking for unique handmade items.

Then here is where it gets super cool! Like I got goosebumps guys. She was receiving these text messages from a customer of hers in Washington. her customer was really wanting her to find some specific dresses for her up coming wedding. Stacy was feeling really bad that she hadn’t found them and that she really didn’t have much time to look for them for her customer. Her buying trip was super quick and she needed to get back home to her business and her family.  As she was telling us the story she looks down at her phone and screams “No Way!” We knew she was communicating with her customer, then she shows us her phone and there is a picture of my dress in her text. It was so crazy….we ended up passing information and helping her customer. How small this world is, hu?

You just never know who your meet and for what reasons they have walked into your life!