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Mexican Boutiques

I love when things magically “happen”. People places and time all come together and opportunities present themselves at the oddest of moments. When your least expecting it. Yesterday I happen to be on my way out of the studio with a customer shipment heading to Texas *love me some Texas customers♥, I changed my route at the last minute and decided that I would ship at my local FedEx location prior to heading into Vallarta Centro to handle some other errands. I walk in and theres a bright and happy woman with an adorble golden blond toddler sitting to my right as I enter. After a few minutes she ask me if I’m Erica Maree (of course I am carrying handbag, wallet, pouch and other little Erica Maree products as I am preparing my export shipping documents.) It turns out she has owns a sweet little shop in Punta de Mita, MX, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, and has been eyeing my line for some time. We put together an order right on the spot and so our friendship/business relationship begins.

Check out her facebook page to see her super cool items

  • Avenida Redes Second floor of the Plaza of shops,a block up from the El Anclote beach
  • 63734 Punta De Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

Phone 01 322 160 9830 Email,

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